Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exchange links need special attention

For the exchange of links, google gives is simple, as long as you can see PR value. If Baidu, then it was more trouble outside the chain of exchange primarily to note the following:

1, Baidu snapshot update rate. For a normal your site must be updated at least daily snapshot site, of course, the weight of high if the site could be updated in days many times. We would also note that the website update page, such as information type website can view a list of pages that they are updated faster, which can be used as criterion. If you want, and external links, then the exchange Web site, Baidu snapshots of daily update is a must, and there is a simple query with site: Add domain can see a snapshot of the update date.

2, be careful to be right down the website. If the site: no web site's home page, it shows the right of the site was down for such sites outside the chain of friendship to promptly remove, or are susceptible to involvement, so always pay attention to your own Links site is normal.

3, the site itself is the quality of the content update frequency. For regular web sites, will remain updated daily. If the Friends of the chain's Web site is not updated for a long time, proposal do not and its external links.

4, Baidu's site can not check the weight, but if the site has ranked in the words of Baidu. Are generally better website.

5, the correlation site content, this no majority, it is not related to the site on your site do not do as much as possible outside the chain, made of little significance.

Above is to Baidu as the center of the site outside the chain approach, when doing links can refer to the above method.

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